The windscreen of a vehicle is an integral part of its safety system being directly connected to the inflation of the air bags in case of a collision. Even the smallest chip or crack on your windshield is a potential danger that can grow into a large crack undermining your safety.
Small chips on the windshield are common issues and can be taken care of with the right material using precise tools. This in turn restores the strength of the windshield eliminating passenger safety issues.
Cracks or chip that are 6 inches or smaller, can be taken care of easily by our windscreen repair experts.
Eurobodalla Windscreens has a team of trained technicians that are well-versed at repairing windscreens of vehicles and cars of almost all makes and models.
In case of smaller chips in windscreens, a repair ensures safety. However, for larger cracks, a full windscreen replacement would be the right solution.
Eurobodalla Windscreens offers high quality and reliable windscreen repair services. If your windscreen needs a repair, call us today!


When a repair is not a viable solution for your windscreen damage, you need to get your windscreen replaced. In most cases, damages to windscreen that are spread out more than 75mm or are in line of your driving vision call for replacement.
Eurobodalla Windscreens is a known name in New South Wales, Australia when it comes to windscreen replacement. The job of replacement is a highly skilled one that involves careful removal of the damaged screen, preparing the base for the new one and the final installation. Our technicians are trained and certified according to the glass safety regulations and handle each job with utmost care.
The carry out original windscreen replacement or use only those that are closest to the original with certified strength ensuring complete passenger safety.